About Leslie

Dunsmore's studio on an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada is surrounded by forests, wetlands and ocean - providing endless inspiration for painting. Journeys to other parts of Canada and elsewhere provide more fodder for her work.

Her current themes explore distant and magnified images of nature. Painting between the lines of reality, each image depicts a recognizable place, while never being a direct representation of an actual landscape. Leslie's work is charged with a significance beyond what is actually seen. The paintings create a sense of place, highly recognizable as much for what is not present in the landscape as for what is actually seen. A mythic narrative is built, a poetic lay of the land that reflects the artist's interior landscape.

She has studied at numerous Art Institutions - including London School of Art, Vancouver School of Art, North Island College, and Italy's Santa Reparata Graphics Studio in Florence (in conjunciton with British Columbia's Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design). Leslie has had numerous group and solo exhibitions, and has been represented by galleries. Her art can be found in private collections in BC, Alberta and Ontario, Canada; in the United States; and in Australia.


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